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Pigs and Stuff

PigsandStuff.com is the place to find pig gifts. From adorable stuffed pigs to pig slippers, PigsandStuff is proud to showcase the greatest pig collectibles and pig apparel.

Many people of all ages will collect pig items. Some aficionados will specialize in pig figurines. They happily display them throughout their house. Other will collect anything related to pigs. Besides the pig statues they will collect toy pigs, pig apparel, pig photos and more. There is no limit to the pig items available although you sometimes may have to root around to find them.

Pigs are friendly, loyal and intelligent animals. Pigs are smart and easy to train. If you desire to train a pig it is best to do so with kindness and small food rewards. Pigs will eat a variety of food, including plants, insects and meat. The adorable pig nose or snout is very good for sniffing out food.

Pigs are also rather clean animals. They roll in the mud to help maintain body temperature in hot weather. Pigs lack sweat glands so they need mud or water to help cool their bodies. Since they only have stiff coarse hair the mud also helps to protect them from damaging effects of the sun.


Spotlight Pig Gifts

Stuffed Yorkshire Pig